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5 Benefits of Wearing Tungsten Rings

As the popular saying goes, “A Ring is a Halo on your finger,” that is why we highly value the type of ring we wear. Yes, precious metals such as silver, gold, and platinum remain as common and popular choices, but tungsten rings have quickly become one of the hottest rings for sale in the Philippines.

How so? This is because these rings made out of Tungsten Carbide alloy, which are highly durable and customisable too.

We have even dubbed them as the “Millennial’s Ring”, because of their popularity among the youth. Our very own tungsten rings, the Chemistry Tungsten Collection by Silverworks are causing a stir among fashion circles nowadays too. But what made tungsten rings so well-liked and admired? Read on to find out about the 5 benefits of tungsten rings:

 1.                   Durable

Did you know that tungsten rings are made out of one of the hardest metals known to man? Tungsten carbide, its main component, is 2x stronger than steel, and is able to withstand very high temperatures. As such, tungsten rings are designed to last—for several lifetimes, even.

Rest assured that your trusty tungsten wedding band will survive a nuclear blast, and will leave evidence of your existence. So, if you believe that the durability of your wedding ring conveys the strength of your vows, then tungsten wedding bands may well be your thing.


2.                   Scratch-Resistant

Worried that your “precious” might get scratched while surfing, wall climbing, spelunking, or whatever rigorous outdoor activity? You need not worry with your tungsten ring! As mentioned above, these rings are built like tanks – no, they are built to break tanks.

Tungsten Carbide has a rating of 9 in the Moh’s Hardness Scale, and only something with a rating of 10 can scratch it, such as a diamond. So, if you have an active lifestyle and you feel like your jewellery won’t be able to keep up: a tungsten ring won’t hold you back!


3.                   Maintenance-free

If you like wearing rings, then you must be familiar with the regular maintenance you have to do for your gold and silver rings. Well, that is if you don’t mind wearing a dull ring full of scratches.

In contrary, with a tungsten ring like the ones we have in the Chemistry Tungsten Collection by Silverworks, you won’t ever have to perform maintenance on it, for life. Yes, you heard us right – maintenance-free, for life! Due to its durability and scratch-resistant properties, a tungsten ring will keep its polish and gleam for a very long time. Ten to twenty years from now, we’re quite certain that your tungsten ring will still look as good as new.


4.                   Fashionable

Looking for fashionable rings for sale in the Philippines? Don’t skip the Tungsten section. Unlike silver and gold rings which come in predictable colours and styles, tungsten rings come in unique and stylish colours too, such as black, white, and gunmetal grey.

With these exclusive colour options, it’s no wonder that tungsten rings have become popular with young men and women today. These rings also possess a heft and density which makes you feel that you have a premium product in your hands.


5.                   Affordable

Would you believe that 1 tungsten ring costs only a fraction of 1 gold ring? Yes, you could probably buy several top-of-the-line tungsten rings for the price of one (1) simple gold ring!


Our tungsten carbide rings come in many designs and colours which will cater to the varied tastes of the Filipino Millennial. Chemistry Tungsten rings are durable, fashionable, and affordable too; what more can you ask for? Well, don’t just take our word for it -- visit our Chemistry Tungsten page in Silverworks and see the rest of our rings for sale in the Philippines!