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Justice League

5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Justice League

“People said the Age of Heroes would never come again,” said Wonder Woman. “It has to,” Batman replied determinedly. And so it has. The Age of Heroes is upon us folks, and Silverworks’ new Justice League jewelry collection is here to lead the charge! Our latest rings, necklaces, and earrings for sale in the Philippines will surely get you into superhero mode. Can’t wait till the next Justice League movie? Read on to learn some fun trivia about your favorite DC heroes:

The first appearance of the Justice League was way back in 1960, in issue #28 of The Brave and the Bold comics series. In this storyline, the team’s original members were seven independent heroes who assembled to accomplish a similar goal; they were Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash, Aquaman, and Martian Manhunter. Throughout the years the years, the Justice League roster has changed plenty of times and has included other prominent DC heroes such as Cyborg, Green Arrow, Hawkman, Hawkgirl, Shazam, Atom, Black Canary, and many others.

Nevertheless, the Justice League comics was rebooted in 2011, as part of DC Comics’ major revamp called the New 52. In this new rendition, the new founding members were mostly the same, except for Martian Manhunter’s spot, which was taken by Cyborg.

In the 2017 Justice League movie, the founding members of the team was less one hero, which included the 2011 core team except for Green Lantern.

Not to mention the slight “bromance” overtones in the Justice League 2017 movie between Batman and Superman, some literature analysts have pointed out that Batman might actually be gay. A 1954 book on psychiatric opinion titled “Seduction of the Innocent”, written by Dr. Frederic Wertham, went so far as to claim that Batman and Robin were a gay couple. To help chase off this rumor, Batman writers developed Bruce Wayne’s character into a brazen womanizer. “Bruce Wayne: playboy billionaire” sounds very familiar, right?

To answer the question, though, we believe that the Batman is not gay. This is not to spite our dear brothers and sisters in the LGBT community, but the Bat has proven his attraction to the opposite sex, time and again, and has even sired several children across various storylines.

It has been repeatedly and consistently said in the DC Comics universe that Wonder Woman is one of its strongest characters. Her superhuman strength is on par with Superman, at the least. But how come we do not witness this super-duper-uber strength of hers in battle? This is because the Bracelets of Submission (as they were called) act as limiters to her overwhelming power. It was said that she once removed them so she could fight toe to toe with a god.

Believe it or not, and much to the disappointment of loyal DC fans, Superman is not married to Lois Lane in the comics’ New 52 universe (the major revamp in 2011 that we mentioned earlier). Now that he’s “free”, this has opened the doors of opportunity for our debonair from Krypton. Guess who he’s dating at the moment? None other than his teammate in Justice League, Wonder Woman! So cliché, right? (*rolls eyes). Their first kiss even made it to the headlines in our real world, and made quite a splash in the DC comics universe too.

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