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The New SW | SilverWorks

The New SW | SilverWorks

The New SilverWorks

    Your story is our story. From SilverWorks to The New SW, our affordable yet still fashionable sterling silver accessories will surely make your precious life moments and milestones extra special. Click here to learn more about our latest offerings.

    Since its inception in 1991, SilverWorks has quickly established itself as a top fashion jewelry brand in the country, with stylistic and innovative sterling silver pieces that capture the attention and interest of consumers across generations. We offer necklaces, bracelets, and earrings that are for sale here in the Philippines.

    From a small kiosk in Makati to a conglomerate consisting of over 60 branches nationwide, SilverWorks has certainly come a long way. Founder and managing director Louie Gutierrez credits this success to the company’s constant push for relevance in an ever-dynamic society with equally increasing trends

    With continuing efforts to create new trends come rebranding, and thus, The New SW was born. Now zeroing in on what’s trendy today, particularly among millennials, the renowned jeweller has expanded its offerings to include more affordable yet still fashionable options made of stainless steel, tungsten and titanium. Skin jewelry and piercing services are also now available in select branches.

    Despite the evolution, SW’s brand promise remains the same: “To complement life stories and aspirations.”

“SW adds value to life moments. Our pieces contribute to the overall lifestyle and story of our customers creating better and more memorable experiences. Therefore, the SW Brand Story is the complement and the enhancement of the person’s life stories. SW completes the whole experience through its jewelry’s emotional and stylistic influence.”

    Simply put, you can count on SW’s jewelry to be part of your special moments and milestones. Your story is also their story.