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Customized Jewerly

Customized Jewelry - SilverWorks     There's no better way to express yourself and show off your style than through jewelry you've created yourself. SilverWork's helps you do just that with its newest Customized Jewelry brand that allows you to personalize rings, pendants, bracelets and more. Want to know more? Click here.     As the great Dr. Seuss said, “Why fit in when you can stand out?” And what better way to express yourself than with jewelry...

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The New SW | SilverWorks

The New SilverWorks     Your story is our story. From SilverWorks to The New SW, our affordable yet still fashionable sterling silver accessories will surely make your precious life moments and milestones extra special. Click here to learn more about our latest offerings.     Since its inception in 1991, SilverWorks has quickly established itself as a top fashion jewelry brand in the country, with stylistic and innovative sterling silver pieces that...

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La Luna Sangre

Unleash Your Full Potential with La Luna Sangre Jewelry     SilverWorks wants to take you back to the Moonstone universe and relive the battles and glory days in the fantasy that is La Luna Sangre. Out now across all SilverWorks branches nationwide and online is Tristan’s Moonstone Bracelet, which has designs suitable for both men and women. It features a brown leather band adorned with a stainless steel, Moonchaser-stamped pendant. You can get it individually for...

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Justice League

5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Justice League “People said the Age of Heroes would never come again,” said Wonder Woman. “It has to,” Batman replied determinedly. And so it has. The Age of Heroes is upon us folks, and Silverworks’ new Justice League jewelry collection is here to lead the charge! Our latest rings, necklaces, and earrings for sale in the Philippines will surely get you into superhero mode. Can’t wait till the next Justice League movie? Read on to learn some fun trivia...

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Chemistry Tungsten

5 Benefits of Wearing Tungsten RingsAs the popular saying goes, “A Ring is a Halo on your finger,” that is why we highly value the type of ring we wear. Yes, precious metals such as silver, gold, and platinum remain as common and popular choices, but tungsten rings have quickly become one of the hottest rings for sale in the Philippines.How so? This is because these rings made out of Tungsten Carbide alloy, which are highly durable and customisable too.We have even dubbed them as the...

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